Bee Against Poverty – Zimbabwe

We are currently setting up our first bee keeping project in Zimbabwe.  At our training site in rural Sanyati we have built and sited 10 KTB (Kenyan Top Bar Hives).

Building hives


10 Top bar hives ready for bees

We have named all the hives Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, Trust, Grace, Truth, Promise, Faith and Patience.  It was in fact ‘Patience’ where our first bee colony made its home.

We will soon be taking on our first trainees from the local community.  It costs £250 to train them, set them up with 4 hives, 4 bee colonies consisting of 5 bars per hive, bee keeping suit and all other tools.  They will receive support right through to harvesting and ongoing training.

Hive products, i.e honey and wax, can then be sold to earn an income.  We sell as a collaborative so that everyone gets a fair price for their products.

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