Quite simply, we need bees to live, without them we can not grow our crops, without crops we can not eat, without food we – well you get the picture!

We need all our pollinators, bees, beetles, birds & butterflies and a myriad of other creatures to pollinate plants.  beeThe honey bee is the best pollinator of them all.

So what is so special about honey bees compared to other pollinators.  Honey bees collect nectar/pollen from the same flowers while other pollinators randomly go from one flower to another.  This makes the honey bee a very efficient pollinator, visiting the same type of flowers 1000s of times a day.

Providing managed hives for bees helps the bee population grow.  IMG-20180205-WA0025Beekeepers simply love to look after bees, providing them water, making sure there is enough for them to forage on throughout the year and fed when there isn’t.  A healthy hive adds up to more bees and more bees means more crops. We all benefit.

So alongside fighting poverty our Bee Against Poverty project also fights for the environment.


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